About Me

I’m Yanbin Liu, a third-year Ph.D candidate at University of Technology Sydney (UTS), under the supervision of Prof. Yi Yang. I received my B.E and M.S from Tianjin University, under the supervision of Prof. Yahong Han and Prof. Jianmin Jiang. My research interests include machine learning and deep learning (especially meta-learning and few-shot learning).

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Email: csyanbin@gmail.com, Yanbin.Liu-1@student.uts.edu.au



Learning to Propagate Labels: Transductive Propagation Network for Few-shot Learning
Yanbin Liu, Juho Lee, Minseop Park, Saehoon Kim, Eunho Yang, Sungju Hwang and Yi Yang
ICLR2019, [PDF], [Code], [bibtex]

Adaptive Sparse Confidence-Weighted Learning for Online Feature Selection
Yanbin Liu, Yan Yan, Ling Chen, Yahong Han and Yi Yang
AAAI2019, [PDF], [Supplimental]

TAEML: Task-Adaptive Ensemble of Meta-Learners
Park Minseop, Saehoon Kim, Jungtaek Kim, Yanbin Liu and Seungjin Choi
NeurIPS 2018 Workshopon Metalearning, [PDF]

Pooling the Convolutional Layers in Deep ConvNets for Video Action Recognition
Shichao Zhao, Yanbin Liu, Yahong Han, Richang Hong, Qinghua Hu and Qi Tian
TCSVT, [PDF], [bibtex]

Exploiting the locality information of dense trajectory feature for human action recognition
Baixiang Fan, Yanbin Liu and Yahong Han
ICIMCS2015, [PDF], [bibtex]

Discriminative multi-view feature selection and fusion
Yanbin Liu, Binbing Liao and Yahong Han
ICME2015, [PDF], [bibtex]

A real-world web cross-media dataset containing images, texts and videos
Yanbin Liu and Yahong Han
ICIMCS 2014, [PDF], [bibtex], CMD dataset [Baidu Yun] [Dropbox]

Recognition of calligraphy style based on global feature descriptor
Yi Zhang, Yanbin Liu, Jianing He and Jiawan Zhang
ICME 2013, [PDF], [bibtex]


Google Cloud & YouTube-8M Video Understanding Challenge
Linchao Zhu, Yanbin Liu and Yi Yang   Ranked 6th at YT8M private leaderboard.
Our report and Code

Tianjin University Submission at THUMOS Challenge 2015
Yanbin Liu, Baixiang Fan, Shichao Zhao, Youjiang Xu and Yahong Han
Ranked 7th place at THUMOS challenge 2015

第二届中国大数据技术创新大赛(The 2nd China Big Data Technology Innovation Competition)
Yanbin Liu, Chengyue Zhang, Guang Li, Shichao Zhao, Youjiang Xu and Yahong Han
Ranked 1st at the video retrieval track, 2nd prize